Hey there!

I study media informatics & I am a project manager of interactive media projects.


Once upon a time…

I study at the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Harz), computer science and design/media, called “media informatics”. I collected new experiences for 6 semesters and got to know the component media in many different points of view.

The special feature of this Bachelor of Science degree is its diversity. We learn skills in Game Design, Storytelling, Graphic Design, Programming, Web Design, Animation, Filming and Editing, Audiovisual Creations, Marketing,  …

But the variety has also a disadvantage. Some study-areas are only superficially mentioned, that why I doubted. While many of my fellow students have found their passion and purpose in a specific course, i thought that everything was interesting and exciting. But their specializations created such passionate flames, that my fire compared with their ardent fire, felt kind of small…

Not until the fifth semester, I realized the advantage of my generalistic abilities. I operated as the connection, as a project manager, in many different projects. It was more fun than ever to organize my team and direct each member of the team individually. That’s why I was able to effectively assign the work packages to each of my team members and to efficiency lead my team.

So my own personal red thread merged and formed my aim:


“My desire and wish to become a project manager developed from the fascination of operating as a connection in a team, which has an unique character through many different qualities and dispositions.”


My portfolio is divided into four categories: Project Management, Games, Audiovisual Design and Corporate Design. In many projects, I was able to take over several tasks of different departments. That’s why there some projects which are overlapping in the categories. […]